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Finding Alachua County Public Records

One of the primary responsibilities in a republican form of government would be to inform the people of the activities of the government, and one of the ways that the government does this is through the keeping of records. now, there are some records that are restricted and could not be accessed by just about anyone, but mostly all records fall under a classification of records that make them available for everyone, even those who are, technically, not citizens of the country that keeps the records. These are what are known as public records, and an example of public records would be Alachua County Public Records.

Public records enjoy two advantages from the viewpoint of a person who is making a request for the records in order to check upon the government. The first is that these records are available to anyone who would make a valid request for them, and a valid request for these records means that the person who made the request passed the barest minimum requirements, though note that there some types of records that would impose more requirements. The second advantage is the fact that these public records are made by the government, and as such, they enjoy the presumption of regularity, which means that they shall be considered to be accurate at all times.

Although not an advantage of public records per se, because not all public records enjoy this benefit, one must also note that most public records may be requested for at any government office. While there are some records that could only be requested for at the place specified either by the law or the rules, most could be requested for at the office of the recorder where the procedure would require the person who desires the record to make his or her request in public.

Although this may mean some travel time for the person who would be making the request, do note that requests made in person are Florida Free Public Court Records actually more efficient and faster because the records requested for would, typically, be made available the same day that they are requested for. There is also the added advantage of the fact that the person making the request is already there and could make as much requests as he or she would want. Of course, the public records are not free, and the usual fee for the records would be fifty cents for every page that would be copied, plus an additional five dollars for the certification fee, unless the law or rules specify a different fee for the record in question.

Alachua County Court Records Public Access may also be done online through the use of online databases. These mostly privately owned databases are not official sources, but they do present substantially the same records as the official sources, though any and all information that may be obtained from these sources, not being official sources, could not be used for official Alachua County Court Records proceedings. Of course, there is still the advantage that these databases are considerably faster and more efficient than even a request for records in person because the person using these databases need not even leave their homes in order to make the search.

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